About Big Tex Hog

Everything you ever wanted to know about Big Tex Hog, but couldn't be bothered to ask.

Hi, I'm Big Tex Hog, and I am the author of Big Tex Hog's Tech Blog.

I have done things on the web since pretty much the beginning of the web. Programming or coding was never truly my passion. On the other hand, learning, creativity, and problem solving have always been passions of mine. It just so happens that coding is a creative field where learning and problem-solving never stop, so I've continued to stay close to the craft.

Over the past several years, I've spent most of my time managing projects, teams, and individual people. The projects were mostly web product related, but they were all creative problem-solving exercises. I've had the pleasure of working with and learning everyone's crafts, from interface and interaction designers; to motion and graphic designers; to user researchers and content strategists; to environment and experiential designers. I've been working as much as a 'creative' practicing human-centered design as I have been as a 'technical' person.

I wake up every day excited to learn new things and make cool shit. Recently, I've been finding my interests drifting towards the tech of virtual and augmented realities. I've encountered 3D graphics programming in my career, but it's not been a core focus of my learning. Maybe that will be the focus of my posts here. Maybe not. It may just be an outlet for sharing ancient and modern front end development concepts, cheat sheets, CSS experiments, animations, 3d, WebXR, and other ideas. It may just be a place to document seemingly elementary solutions to whatever trivial or genuinely tough challenge I've encountered to serve as a helping hand to those with the same problems as me.

I draw on paper. I create stories. I communicate ideas. I translate concepts. I model things. I inspire people. I design my life. I sometimes code.

Not actually from Texas.