Unlocking Tilt Brush world scale for Oculus Quest 2 from your Mac

Do you ever want to scale your scene up to larger than dinosaur size? Do you ever want to get smaller than a squirrel?

There are four main steps.

  1. Connect your Quest 2 to your Mac.
  2. Find and download the Tilt Brush configuration file to your Mac.
  3. Edit the configuration file.
  4. Re-upload the file to the Quest 2.

Step 1

Connect your quest to your Mac via a USB C cable (the charging cable that comes with the Quest 2 is such a cable).

Step 2

This step requires your Mac to view the contents of your Oculus Quest 2. The Quest 2 is running a version of the Android operating system. As a result, you can see the contents of the Oculus Quest 2 file system through an app called Android File Transfer With the software installed, you will still need to grant permissions to your Mac from the Oculus Quest 2 to access the Android file system. With the cable connected, put the headset on, and you should see a dialogue asking to grant your Mac permission. If you do not see such a dialog, disconnect and reconnect the cable to your Mac. Now, from your Mac, inside the Android File Transfer app, find the Tilt Brush folder. Inside that folder, search for the Tilt Brush.cfg file. Drag-and-drop that file from the app to your downloads folder in Finder.

Step 3

Open the Tilt Brush.cfg file in a file editor. VSCode or TextEdit are good choices. In the config file, under the Flags key, add "UnlockScale": true,

If this is the first time editing this file, it should look like this after you've made the change.

  "User": {
  "Video": {
  "Flags": {
    "UnlockScale": true,
  "Export": {

Save the file.

Step 4

Now, you can upload the file to the Oculus Quest 2. Drag-and-drop the Tilt Brush.cfg file from Finder to the same folder in the Android File Transfer app from where you downloaded the file earlier. If prompted, agree to overwrite the file with this new version.

Step 5

Start-up Tilt Brush in your Oculus Quest 2. Now, when you scale the world up or down, you will no longer be bound by the old constraints. You can shrink the entire scene down and draw at an enormous scale or zoom in and draw at the tiniest scale.